The Trike Race teams are set!

Trike Races are returning in 2023 - come watch!

This year marks the exciting return of Adult Trike Races to the Strawberry Festival. Come and enjoy all the three-wheeled hijinx at 6 p.m. Thursday, June 15.

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Thursday, June 15th
6:00 p.m.
3rd Street, between State Ave. and 3rd Street Books

Sponsorship Perk:

Sponsors will get their business/organization name placed on a custom shirt, worn by volunteers at the event. Relay teams will get to select a team of 4 to compete in the trike race. Obstacle sponsors will get input and their name on the obstacle. Sponsors can purchase shirts if desired for a cost TBD.

Sponsorship: $200 per relay team; $150 per obstacle.


Private businesses/organizations will sponsor a relay team of 4 members aged 18+ that are capable of completing an obstacle course on 3rd Street between State Ave. and 3rd Street Books, located at 1615 3rd Street, Marysville, WA, while riding a provided adult-sized tricycle. The course will consist of a variety of obstacles also sponsored by businesses and/or organizations.

The Rules

  • Riders will be required to wear a helmet that they provide and complete the course starting at State Avenue down to 3rd Street Books and back, handing off the bike safely to other team members. Riders will be timed both individually and as an entire team.
  • Each relay team member will be required to complete the entire obstacle, failure to complete any obstacle will result in penalty time being added to the racer’s course completion.
  • Awards will be given to teams placing 1st, 2nd and 3rd by time as well as the best decorated team.
  • To ensure accuracy, two time-keepers will be present to keep time of each relay team. Volunteers will be stationed at every obstacle for ensuring safety and fairness.

Sponsorship: $200 per relay team; $150 per obstacle.

  • Relay teams of four members aged 18+