The Trike Race teams are set!

Trike Race

This year marks the exciting return of Adult Trike Races to the Strawberry Festival. Come and enjoy all the three-wheeled hijinx at 6 p.m. Thursday, June 20.

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Thursday, June 20th
6:00 p.m.
3rd Street, between State Ave. and 3rd Street Books

Sponsorship Perk:

Sponsors will get their business/organization name placed on a custom shirt, worn by volunteers at the event. Relay teams will get to select a team of 4 to compete in the trike race. Obstacle sponsors will get input and their name on the obstacle. Sponsors can purchase shirts if desired for a cost TBD.

Sponsorship: $250 per relay team; $250 per obstacle.

Options for Sponsorship

Option 1: Sponsor a Trike Team

Option 2: Build an obstacle for the relay course

Option 3: Capital sponsorship

Private businesses/organizations will sponsor a relay team of 4 members aged 18+ that are capable of completing an obstacle course on 3rd Street between State Ave. and 3rd Street Books, located at 1615 3rd Street, Marysville, WA, while riding a provided adult-sized tricycle. The course will consist of a variety of obstacles also sponsored by businesses and/or organizations.

Sponsorship: $250 per relay team; $250 per obstacle.

  • Relay teams of four members aged 18+