Marysville Strawberry Festival Royal Court

If you are ready to have a year full of fun, meet new friends, create memories, and develop speaking skills then this is for you.

Thank you so much for your interest in our scholarship program.  After verification of required qualifications, the applicants will receive written notice that they have been chosen to compete. Royalty will  be chosen based wholly upon their ability to write and present a speech to various community groups. After each community group has voted, the results will be tallied, as usual, by an independent party.  There will be a crowning ceremony for the chosen Royalty court (time/date to be announced).

We invite you to develop your leadership and public speaking skills, work with a variety of people, and to travel throughout Washington state, Oregon, and Canada (pending restrictions) representing the Marysville community.

As a member of Royalty, you will be the official host of the Strawberry Festival, which is held the third weekend in June.  You will travel to several other community festivals representing not only the festival but the Marysville community during a one-year reign. Each Royalty Court Ambassador receives Scholarship Contributions from the April Friesner Memorial Royalty Scholarship (Queen/King $5,000; Prince/sses $3,500), and a gift packet.   A Bob Klepper Congeniality Award for $500 is also awarded. If you are willing to commit your time and energy to represent your community, the rewards and opportunities will be endless!

Each Royalty member must have an adult (over 21) family member or legal Guardian, join us on all of the parades we attend.

Please email or have postmarked your completed and signed application packet by March 17, 2023. or

Maryfest Inc.

P.O. Box 855

Marysville, WA, 98270


For more information, please contact the Maryfest office at (360) 659-7664.


The Marysville and Lakewood school districts have neither reviewed nor approved the program, personnel, activities, or organizations announced in this program, and undertake no responsibility to supervise these events. Permission to distribute the program should not be considered a recommendation or endorsement of the program by the districts. In consideration of the privilege to distribute these materials, the Marysville and Lakewood school districts shall be held harmless from any cause of action or claim arising out of the events or activities advertised in these materials, including all costs, attorney fees, and judgements or awards.



Current Scholarship Payout

  • Queen or King $5000
  • Princess or Prince $3500
  • Bob Klepper Congeniality Award $500
  • Royal Court Travel & Attire gift Set
Royal Berries two

Qualifications/ Requirements

  • Candidates must live within or attend the Marysville / Lakewood School District boundaries
  • Candidates MUST have a family member/Legal Guardian (over 21) attend all parades
  • Candidates must currently be a high school Junior or Senior
  • Candidates must have a cumulative GPA of at least a 3.0
  • Candidates must have a cumulative attendance record of 90%
  • Candidates must be of good character, cannot be married, cannot have children or be pregnant
  • Candidates cannot co-habitate with an intimate partner
  • Candidates will at no time drink alcoholic beverages, smoke, or vape in public or knowingly participate in any illegal activity or detrimental behavior breaking this rule will result in immediate dismissal
  • The Official Marysville Strawberry Festival Royalty Court will consist of 4 members.
  • Once the Senior Royalty's reign is completed, they are no longer eligible to apply for the Royalty Court in the future
  • Any scholarship monies will be awarded after the completion of the one-year reign. Monies are for books and tuition only, and must be used within 3 years of high school graduation. Scholarship monies will be sent directly to the chosen college/university