Pickleball Strawberry Cub 2024

Pickleball Tournament

Presented by Marysville Pickleball Club

3rd Annual Pickleball Club Strawberry Cup

Add the 3rd Annual Pickleball Club Strawberry Cup tournament to your calendar set for June 21-23 in Jennings Memorial Park, 6915 Armar Road.

Whether spectator or participant, the nonprofit Marysville Pickleball Club founded in 2017 is excited to give visitors and area residents an up close look at a sport that really took off last summer when the city of Marysville added Pickleball courts at Jennings Park ballfield.

Pickleball involves elements of tennis, badminton and ping-pong. Singles or doubles matches are played on a 20-by-44-foot court divided by a net.

Players use paddles to strike a plastic ball with holes onto the opponent’s court and out of their reach. The sport was invented in Bainbridge Island in 1965.

The Strawberry Cup is a round-robin tournament with playoffs for medals. This is a partner event so please find a partner before signing up, organizers recommend. Include your partner's name in the comment section. There are three skill divisions to choose from. The Tournament Director reserves the right to move people between divisions.

Register on the website at https://pickleballbrackets.com/ptd.aspx?eid=af887494-48f9-401e-a7a8-a93cce84f566

Registration Fee (per person), payable through Paypal (paypal@marysvillepickleball.com), is $45, plus $15 per event. Teams are already signing up early for what is sure to be a fun, competitive tournament.

The club always welcomes new members. Benefits include free beginner clinics, member-first tournaments, use of club equipment at some locations, and free indoor play during winter months (limited)

For more information visit http://www.marysvillepickleball.com or email info@marysvillepickleball.com

The group uses WhatsApp, Facebook and email to keep in touch with members and to share information about upcoming events like the Strawberry Cup.