Northwest Festival Hosting Association

Maryfest Is Proud To Be A Member

Maryfest is proud to be a member of the Northwest Festival Hosting Association an organization made up of nine festivals throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Maryfest joined this close knit group in 2001 operating philosophy is to work together and commit to supporting each other by sending a delegation to each members festival. By being a part of Northwest Festivals, Marysville can rely on the participation of at least 10 other community floats/festivals in our Grand Parade.

A hosting package is offered at each community's festival which generally includes accommodations, receptions, a formal or semi-formal dinner, entertainment, and a farewell breakfast on Sunday morning. Of course, the members are also participating in the Grand Parade!

Northwest Festival Members

Daffodil Festival

Tacoma (puyallup, Sumner & Orting) Washington

Lilac Festival

Spokane, Washington

Strawberry Festival

Marysville, Washington

Hyack Festival

New Westminister, British Colunbia

Capital Lake Fair

Olympia, Washington

Royal Rosarians

Portland, Oregon


Seattle, Washington