Festival FAQ's

Some Of The Questions We Get Are ...

When are the strawberries going to be ripe?

Strawberries are very weather dependent. Generally they are picked by the middle to the latter part of June.

Where can I buy local strawberries?

Local growers such as Bringer Farms and Dues Berry Farms have Strawberry Stands set up all along State Avenue. Please click onto the "Berry Sales" tab to view where stands are located.

How can I buy a ticket to the VIP Grandstands for the Grand Parade?

You can either pre-purchase ticket(s) by contacting the Festival office or by paying at the grandstands during the Grand Parade. Tickets are $5.00 day of Grand Parade; we think that they're the best seats on the street! The announcers are right there, the judges are right there and the parade participants perform all of their routines right in front of you!

How can I become a sponsor?

View the "Sponsor" section of this website.

How can I become a member?

View “Membership" under the "About Us" section of this website.

How can I become a volunteer?

View the "Volunteers" section of this website.

Where is the Strawberry Festival Office?

Our office is located at 1408 / 1412 1st Street, Marysville, WA. Our Building is White/Red.

How can I contact the Festival Office?

Our office is not staffed with regularly hours. We operate as a volunteer ship. You have several options: write to us at P. O. Box 855, Marysville, WA 98270-0855, or call us at (360) 659-7664, or fax us at (360) 651-9854, or lastly email us at: Maryfest.org@gmail.com

I've called your office several times and haven't heard back from you. When can I expect to get a return call?

Our office does not have regularly staffed hours. We operate as a volunteer ship. During the parade off-season, the office is attended to once a week. During Festival week, we staff the phones daily. If your situation is time sensitive, email us at: Maryfest.org@gmail.com, call us at (360.659.7664, or Fax us at 360.651.9854

I lost my parade application/or market application/or event entry form...what can I do?

You can either contact us at: Maryfest.org@gmail.com, go to our Forms Page and re-download application or, just clicking onto the event you wish to participate in from the "Festival Details" section and click onto the form link.

I haven't received confirmation for my application (or entry) being accepted. What can I do?

You can call us at (360) 659-7664 or email us at: Maryfest.org@gmail.com with your specific inquiry. Someone should respond in a reasonable amount of time.

When and where is (event name) being held? And how do I get there?

By clicking onto the specific event from the “Festival Details’ section, you will find date and time information.

Who do I contact about advertising on this web page, on TV, Radio or in the newspaper with the Festival?

Please send your request and name to: Maryfest.org@gmail.com, we will address your request as soon as possible.

Don't see your question here? Please send an email to: Maryfest.org@gmail.com we will respond in a timely manner.